• User Manual
  • Completed sample of a Rider Skill Level
  • Questions and Answers
  • RIDES terminology guide
  • The 5 Rider Skill Level charts for each rider



RIDES - $75.00ea

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RIDES was created by Saddle Up!’s instructor team. Over 20 instructors have accumulated more than 40,000 instructional hours covering almost every riding discipline. Their PATH Intl. credentials include: PATH Intl registered and advanced level instruction, Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning, PATH Intl. Site Visitors and Evaluators, Driving Instruction.

Credentials outside of PATH Intl. include United States Pony Club ranking, CHA and ARI association. The wealth of knowledge and experience of this team developed the RIDES 5 Skill Level System.


NOTE: The RIDES program is a goal-based program that groups a variety of equine-related skills into skill levels to create a systematic method for instruction and measuring progress.  It is designed for use along with equine facilitated learning programs, and it is not intended to replace safety procedures used by those programs or to create new safety procedures for programs.  As with any activity involving a horse, care should be used at all times to avoid injury.

RIDES is sold for Individual Instructor Use ONLY.

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